Bases for experimental animals

Bases for experimental animals
AHMU Center for Experimental Animals
AHMU Center is the base for providing experimental animals for research and teaching of the university. It is one of the bases serving this province as well.
The center occupies about 4000 square meters mainly for raising and breeding experimental rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs. It is one of the first centers to obtain the qualifications for the environment for experimental animals and production of experimental animals. People concerned are making all efforts to apply for the permit to produce and use cleaner animals. Meanwhile they are speeding up the construction of the complex building with total floorage of 2690 square meters for experimental animals so as to help the life science research in the university and even the whole province.

Anhui Provincial Center for Medical Experimental Animals
Anhui Provincial Center for Medical Experimental Animals will be built on the university main campus. The plan for prospective center has been closely inspected and examined by the experts and has met the national standards of SPF. The new center will have first-rate facilities as large as 2040 square meters for producing cleaner animals and their related experiments. The center is designed as a platform to contribute to the development of genetic research in this province. It will come into use soon. We would like to work with anyone interested in the center and willing to come to give a helping hand either in forms of the direct investment or cooperation. They can be involved in the management of the center, developing broad markets for experimental animals either in or outside this province and making great contributions to the development of experimental animals.