Education Minister Yuan Guiren Meets with Li Jun and Zhang Xuejun

      Education Minister Yuan Guiren met Li Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Anhui Medical University (AHMU), and Zhang Xuejun, President of AHMU at the beginning of the new year in the Ministry of Education. Minister Yuan spoke highly of the scientific research achievements of AHMU, and expected our research to reach a higher stage of development on the basis of the existing achievements. 
      Mr. Yuan Guiren was very much concerned about the development of Anhui Medical University, and asked in detail about our history, enrollment scale, discipline development, campus culture and the development of the affiliated hospitals. He also expressed a high opinion of the continuous improvement of our scientific research in recent years, and encouraged us to take the responsibility of cultivating qualified medical talents for 70 million Anhui people and meet the people’s demand of the well-pleasing advanced medical education.