AHMU Academic Delegation Arrives at Karolinska Istitute, Sweden

        May 7th , 2010, Professor Li Jun led the AHMU academic delegation to arrive at Karalinska Institute, located in Swedish capital-Stockholm.
        The academic delegation visited the laboratories of the Department of Pharmacy. And the laboratory director introduced the pain mechanism research and drugs development.
        Professor Li introduced the development of Anhui and Hefei to the overseas Chinese students, esp. the achievements of discipline construction, personnel training and clinical treatment of our university. Professor Li also met the young students of our university who are working and studying in Karolinska Institute. Li encouraged them to work hard and win glory for our university.
        May, 8th, at the feast held by alumnus Duan Maoli, Wang Jianzhou, Chinese diplomatic officer of government affairs, met Professor Li Jun and the delegates.