President Zhang Xuejun Attends the First Eastern Asian Dermatological Congress as a Chairman

      From Sept.30th, 2010 to Oct.3, 2010, the first Eastern Asian Dermatological Congress was held in Fukuoka, Japan. Zhang Xuejun, president of our university, attended the Congress as chairman of the Chinese side.
     Eastern Asian Dermatological Congress was proposed by Professor Zhang Xuejun and it is an international academic conference on dermatology. It is held regionally by Chinese Society of Dermatology( CSD), Japanese Academy of Dermatology and Korean Academy of Dermatology together. The Congress aims to intensify the academic exchange among Chinese, Japanese and Korean dermatologists, to promote the Dermatological level of the region and to enhance the dermatologists’ friendship of the three countries. It is held every two years and undertaken by China, Japan and Korea by turns. It’s said that more than eight hundred delegates attended the Congress and they were from many different countries and regions, including China, Japan , Korea, Britain, Singapore and Thailand etc.