The Arrival of the 1st Batch of International Students in AHMU

From October 8 to 17, 2010, the School of International Education(SIE) witnessed the arrival of its first batch of international students. They are from 19 American, African and Asian countries including the U.S.A., South Korea, India, and New Zealand. They would start a total duration of five-year M.B.B.S.Medical Bachelor & Bachelor of Surgeryprogram in our university.

      The authorities of the University have attached great importance to this first batch of international students. Various favorable conditions have been created to guarantee their accommodation, food, study and entertainment. Moreover, in order to help them better adapt to Chinese culture, 50 excellent undergraduates and graduates were selected and trained as culture tutors by the SIE. They would provide one-to-one help to the international students in their cross-cultural communication.