Introduction to Degree and Graduate Education

Anhui Medical University began to admit graduate students since 1956 upon the approval of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, and received the first authorized MS degree program and PhD degree program in 1981 and 1990, respectively.

The university has 2 first level authorized PhD degree programs (clinical medicine and pharmacology, covering 27 second level subjects) and 9 first level authorized MS degree programs (covering 74 second level subjects). There are also 1 authorized doctoral professional degree program on clinical medicine, 5 authorized MS professional degree programs, with a nation’s key discipline (dermatology and venereology), one nation’s key discipline in traditional medicine (pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine). There are more than 40 collaborating institutes and hospitals (including 27 non-affiliated ones, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Xinjiang and other regions), the number of MS and PhD tutors totals more than 900.

Currently, there are 3000 MS students, including 251 doctoral students on campus, belonging to 5 major categories (including regular-enrolled PhD students, regular-enrolled MS students, part-time MPH students, continuing education students, and graduate students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).

The graduate school was founded in 2004, mainly in charge of degree and graduate education. It is also a teaching facility to serve graduate students, shouldered the glorious tasks of educating high level scholars, prompting the development of degree and graduate education, improving the teaching standards of the university and the capacities of serving the society.

The graduate school defines its main mission as fulfilling the functions in graduate admissions, teaching and education, degree authorization, party construction and political education, daily management, career service, and selection of research tutors, construction of programs and subjects with focus on key disciplines.

During the “12th five-year plan” period, the graduate school will work closely around the central tasks of the university and privilege development as the No.1 task. By advancing the construction of subjects and key programs, we will expand the scale, optimize the structure, improve the quality, accumulate the resources, obtain more achievements, and better serve the graduate students, to further provide great impulse and steady support to the overall goal of constructing high-level medical university.