AHMU Launches the Twenty-third “World Book Day” Series


The launch ceremony of the twenty-third “World Book Day” series was held in AHMU library on the morning of April 23, 2018. President Cao Yunxia attended the ceremony and made a speech as well. The ceremony was chaired by Liu Qunying, deputy secretary of CPC Party Committee of AHMU. Outstanding voluntary associations and winners of both “Reading Stars” in 2017 and Original Design Competition were honored at the ceremony.

Prof. Cao pointed out that advocating reading was of great significance for the construction of a learning-based university, and the university library, as a critical position of reading promotion and knowledge service, played a major role in leading and enhancing campus culture construction. She hoped that faculty and students could take this series as an opportunity to start reading, so as to lay a good foundation for their lives. In addition, she insisted that students should be confident in Chinese culture while showing the charm of Chinaand the dream of being a good doctor should be nurtured through by reading.

The library has elaborated more than twenty activities of four categories, namely reading for inspiration, cultural heritage, resources promotion and scientific research support for “World Book Day” this year. In the part of reading for inspiration, activities including original design competition, classic reading contest and micro-fiction contest offer a stage for students to show talents and skills. A series of expert lectures will guide undergraduates to read and write, and to get an in-depth understanding of the significance of reading. In the part of cultural heritage, students will be led into Chinese traditional culture and enjoy the charm of it. In the part of resources promotion, document resources are endowed with life. Such activities as classics display, journals display and artistic book display are designed to attract students to the librarymaking them take advantage of various resources. In the part of scientific research support, a number of lectures will be held on construction of ESI discipline, “Double First-rate” construction, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as the application of document management software.

At the ceremony, Zhou Yuefei, an undergraduate student of 2015 batch majoring in Clinical Medicine, spoke on behalf of students.

Heads of the university’s functional departments and some representatives of faculty and students attended the launch ceremony.