Distinguished Overseas Professor Chen Ruoling Returns to AHMU for Academic Exchange


On June 1, 2018, Professor Chen Ruoling, Director of the Global Health and Hygiene Research Institute and Ph.D. supervisor in Health Education College, Wolverhampton University, UK, was invited to give an academic report entitled “Air Pollution and Dementia Risk at the School of Health Management of Anhui Medical University.

Combining his research interest with practical experiences, Prof. Chen started his report with the research background of aging, the increase incognitive impairment and air pollution, then explained the research objectives of systematic review, Meta-analysis and the possible mechanisms of the disease, and dwelt onthe researchmethods like literature retrieval tools and strategies, the inclusionand exclusion criteria of documents, and the statistical processing of heterogeneity between studies.In particular, he emphasized the importance of the quality of documents. During the nearly one-hour report, Prof. Chen not only shared his reflections and experiences in research with the students but also encouraged them to carry out relevant researches actively to keep pace with the current research frontier. The attending students and teachers conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with Prof. Chen on somehot issues.
Prof. Chen graduated from AHMU as an undergraduate in 1982 and was awarded “Outstanding Alumni” on the celebration of 90th anniversary of our university. As a distinguished overseas professor, he returns about twice every year to conduct teaching and research activities and cooperates with the faculty teachers on a wide range of projects including chronic disease, mental health and disease management for the elderly. Besides, during his stay in China Prof.Chen, on behalf of AHMU, delivered a speech entitled “Effects of Senile Depression Cases and Subcase on Mortality” at the 3rd International Conference on Public Health and Medical Sciences held in Hangzhou.