AHMU Conducts the Confirmation of the Public Elective Courses


On the morning of March 20, 2019, AHMU (Anhui Medical University) held a meeting of confirming the public elective courses. Vice president Yu Yongqiang presided over the meeting.

Yu Yongqiang pointed out that the public elective courses were a vital part of the university's talent training program. They played an important role in improving the quality of education and cultivating high-level medical talents with all-round development. The annual confirmation meeting of the public elective courses strictly controlled the quality of courses, which was of benefit to the creation of advanced, innovative and challenging “gold courses”, and the elimination of the outmoded, backward, and obsolete “watered-down courses”. The establishment of a performance appraisal and feedback mechanism for the public elective courses was a crucial link in teaching management.
At the meeting, heads of Academic Affairs Office of AHMU made an introduction of the current and newly proposed public elective courses. Members of the Committee of Teaching Guidance of the University’s Academic Committee carefully reviewed the proposition materials and strictly assessed school-based and network courses. According to the management measures of the public elective courses, the courses, which were suspended for two consecutive semesters due to insufficient number of students, or were ranked as the bottom 10% by Student Evaluation of Teaching, were weeded out. Ultimately, more than 200 high-quality courses were passed, greatly enriching our university's public elective course bank.