AHMU Has Another Project Listed to be a National Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Project


Recently, the Ministry of Education declared the results of the authorization of the 2018 edition of the National Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Projects. From School of Basic Medicine, Mr. Li Jingpei’ s application of Virtual Experiment of Clostridium Tetani Toxin Inducing Muscular Spasm in Mice was approved and enlisted.  It’s reported that among all the 198 projects on the latest list, 8 were from Anhui Province.
This virtual simulation experiment was developed on the national platform of “Virtual Medical Experimental Teaching Center of Basic Medicine” at Anhui Medical University, and cleared the hurdles of the tremendous risk and difficulty in the experiment teaching of tetanus in pathogenic microbiology at our university. Inheriting the essence of the experimental skills, the new project achieved the renovation in form and method for teaching of experiment. Virtual simulation experiments can provide a vivid lifelike learning context, and a more diversified in-class teaching, as a result will stimulate the students’ interest in learning and improve the overall quality of experiment teaching. Free from such limitations as experimental animals, laboratory reagents, and laboratory equipments, virtual simulation is particularly ideal for open-trial experiments, and superior to actual experiments in terms of the previewing, reviewing and extended training modules for the learners.