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       Oriented toward building a teaching-and-research type institution at the advanced level, the university insists on the policy of “Originality, Concentration, Sustainability, and Future” in the research work. In order to stimulate the faculty’s enthusiasm for research, the university continues to implement the projects of “Four Trainings” and Sharing of Large-scale Instruments and Facilities. In 2009, the university obtained 246 approved items of scientific research and 59 approved items of the National Foundation for Natural Sciences in 2010, with grants respectively adding up to ¥ 33,8481 million and ¥15,85 million. Academic theses published domestically by the faculty in 2009 totaled 1833, ranked 44th of all the universities and colleges nationwide, and 12th of all the medical universities and colleges across the country. Published in “Natural Genetics”, the thesis entitled “Psoriasis Genomewide Association Study Identifies Susceptibility Variants within LCE Gene Cluster at 1921” was cited by SCI up to 27 times, ranking 23rd among the “100 Most Internationally Influential Academic Theses of China.” The university-based journal “Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin” was elected in 2009 among the “100 Prominent Learned Journals of China.” Since 2009, three research works done by the faculty on the susceptible genes of psoriasis, vitiligo, systemic lupus erythematosus, and one cooperated research work on cancer of esophagus have been published in “Natural Genetics” successively. Studies by the faculty on leprosy were published by the internationally renowned journal “New England Journal of Medicine.” Currently, the university has up to 22 key laboratories or centers for science and engineering at provincial level or above, including the Training Base for National key Laboratories co-built by Anhui Province and the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC.

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