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      Anchored in its previous achievement, the First Affiliated Hospital has fulfilled a variety of norms both socially and economically. Among the honorable titles the hospital was awarded in 2008 are “National Advanced Collective of Medical Emergency”, “National Advanced Unit of Earthquake Relief Work in Educational System”,“National Advanced Unit of Ideological Work,” among others. With its opening ceremony held on October18, 2008, the Second Affiliated Hospital opened its doors to patients without a hitch. The hospital has since progressed smoothly, recognized by the government, communities, as well as a large patient population for its satisfactory service in superb medical environment, facilities, and skill. Approved by the Government of Anhui Province, the university succeeded in taking over as its fourth affiliated hospital the Hospital of Construction Department of Anhui Province. With the opening ceremony held on June, 6, 2009, a new situation has been created concerning various medical work or programs in the hospital. In either teaching or research terms, the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital has reached a new height historically and , as such, has become the only hospital in Anhui Province to undertake the project “Rebirth Action” as specified by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Li Jiacheng Foundation.