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Visitors from outside

1. The delegation headed by Dr. Junyu Nomura (chairman of the board of Semui Institute) visited our university from June 6-8th 2005.. President Xue-jun Zhang and vice-president Jun Li met and talked with the visitors respectively.

2. Dr. Andy Augousti from Kingston University visited College of Pharmacy of our university on June 30, 2005.
3. On June 25, representative of JBIC visited our university to investigate the information about our loan from Japan. Up to now, two professors from our university have been sent to Japan to do the further study. According to the plan, another 8 to 10 teachers will be sent to Japan before March 2006.
4. In May, Prof. Roy D. Johnson and Dr. Ping H. Johnson from Kennesaw State University of the USA visited our university. Vice-president Jian-hui Liu met them.
5. In May, Prof. Jeff Paurus and Nin-sheng Huang from Minneapolis Community & Technical College came and gave a lecture in our university. Vice-president Jian-hui Liu met them.
6. In May, the delegation headed by vice-president Jun Li went to Nanjing to meet Prof. Adolf Grunert from Ulm University of Germany. Prof. Li talked with him about the possibility of cooperation between Ulm University of Germany and Anhui Medical University.
7. In August, 35 Japanese students from Semui Institute of Japan came to study in our university.