Li Jun Visits BGI and National Gene Bank to Promote Precision Medicine


On April 20, 2018, Li Jun, secretary of CPC Party Committee of Anhui Medical University (AHMU), visited BGI in Shenzhen, and signed a memorandum of cooperation, initiating collaborative effort in scientific research, clinical medicine, joint education, and gene pool construction, and promoting the establishment and development of precision medicine in Anhui Province to serve its people.

While visiting National Gene Bank, BGI center and BGI Shenzhen headquarters, Prof. Li learned more about the current business scope, operation mode and the historical development as well as the application of gene science and technology of BGI. He said that visiting BGI was of far-reaching significance as the visit fell on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Chinese reform and opening-up. He also pointed out that the disciplinary superiority, the scientific research capacities and the clinical resources of AHMU, its affiliated hospitals and Translational Medicine Institute of Anhui Province could combine with the world-leading R&D capabilities of genomics and the platform of R&D and manufacturing of high-end instruments of BGI. This win-win cooperation was of great importance for the new advance in the key technology of diagnosis and treatment, the expansion of clinical translation of the discoveries from cutting-edge medical researches, and the improvement of both diagnosis and treatment ability and medical quality. Mr. Wang Jian, president of BGI, hoped that the cooperation could improve the full-scale integration of trans-Omics data with clinical practice, promote the massive, comprehensive and intensive interpretation and study of big data of life science, achieve such goals as birth defects control and prevention, precise diagnosis-treatment-recovery of/from cancer, precise treatment of infectious and contagious diseases, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases control and prevention.

Via friendly negotiation, AHMU and BGI signed a memorandum of cooperation with the principle of “co-construction and co-ownership”. The two parties envision to join their effort in the following aspects. Firstly, utilizing the strategic advantage of Hefei as a national science center and a pilot city for Big Data Project of Health Service and Medical Care, the two sides wish to innovate collaboration based upon research work of Translational Medicine Institute of Anhui Province. Secondly, based on affiliated hospitals, AHMU and BGI plan to establish a Precision Medicine Center, initiating the application of genetic testing to clinical medicine and medical research. With a focus on birth defects control and prevention as well as cancer screening, this joint work will promote Precision Medicine Project and make it accessible and affordable to Anhui residents. Thirdly, joint educational project, e.g., regular educational training, academic exchange, and healthcare industry seminars and forums, paves the way for an incubator of high-level researchers in the field of precision medicine. Moreover, the two sides will cooperate in work concerning the National Gene Bank, in the hope of providing statistical and technical support for basic medical research, clinical research, and development of health industry.

Led by Prof. Li jun, the AHMU delegation include experts and administrators such as Prof. Liang Chaozhao, director of the First Affiliated Hospital of AHMU; Prof. Wang Kai, director of Scientific Research Department; Prof. Lu Chao, president of the Second Affiliated Hospital of AHMU; Prof. Fan Zifa, secretary of CPC Party Committee of AHMU Fuyang Hospital; Prof. Huang Lumao, president of AHMU Chaohu Hospital; Prof. Wang Yu, vice president of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of AHMU.