DaMing Industrial Co. Ltd. Has BecomeAHMUTeaching Base of Biomedical Engineering


On April 8, 2018, DaMingIndustrial (Suzhou, Anhui) Co., Ltd. contracted to become a professional teaching base for biomedical engineering in Anhui Medical University. Zhu Qixing,vice president of Anhui Medical University,unveiled the nameplate for the base.

Prof. Zhu saidthatin the course of students’ practical teaching, the base should let studentsparticipate in the designing and production of medical 3D printing and wearable medical devicesin order to improve their practical ability. The School of Life Sciences is required to take this opportunity to improve its teachingand scientific research abilities, to developdisciplineconstruction, andto enhance the quality of talent training and students’ employment. At the same time, he also sincerely hopes that DaMingshares can actively participate in the training of talents.While gaining economic benefit, the enterprise should go hand in hand with the school to make mutualbenefit andto create a “win-win” situation.

ShenZhigang, secretary of CPC Party Committee of Suzhou Economic Development Zone,made a speechin the ceremony. He hopes that DaMingIndustrial Co. Ltd. will take this opportunity to strengthen its cooperation with the School of Life Sciencesin Anhui Medical University, and actively bring high-leveltalents on board to increase the comprehensive strength of DaMing IndustrialCo. Ltd. in production, education and scientific research.

Persons in charge fromthe Schoolof Life Sciencesalso attended the contractsigningandopeningceremony.