Research Laboratory Center Hosts an Open House for Undergraduates


Research Laboratory Center of Anhui Medical University was open to some of the undergraduates from The Second Clinical College for a fascinating visit on the afternoon of April 10, 2018 in response to the undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program and the undergraduate program for early exposure to scientific research.

The open house activities consisted of visit and hands-on practice. Led by clinical teachers, the students first visited the laboratories one by one, including histopathology lab, cell culture lab, centrifugal machine room, weighing room, etc. On-the-spot observation and teachers’ elaboration have aroused the students’ great interest in the scientific instruments and helped themget to knowthe basic function and operation of the instruments. Later, the teachers instructed the students in operation of some of the instruments, providingthem with more direct perception of scientific researches. The half-day visit assisted the students to explorethe fascination of scientific researchesas well asunveil the mystery of them.

The undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program and the undergraduate program for early exposure to scientific research are important strategies forpromoting thehigher education reform, which is also the key toexploring “How scientific researches serve undergraduate teaching”. It is said that Research Laboratory Center will launch a series of more activities together with other colleges.