China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre Gives High Art Performances at Our University


On the evening of April 24, 2018, the event of “High Art into Campuses” sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Ministry of Finance was successfully held at our university. The event was a special Chinese folk concert named “On the Road” performed by musicians from the Chinese Music Orchestra of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre. Cao Yunxia, president of Anhui Medical University and Liu Qunying, deputy secretary of CPC Party Committee of Anhui Medical University watched the performances together with nearly 1,500 teachers and students.

Before the performance began, President Cao Yunxia delivered a warm speech to extend the warmest welcome to the artists who had come from far away. She then exchanged cultural products with Zhang Yafeng, vice president of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre.

The concert commenced with the music “The Central Axis” where the Belt and Road Initiative started, and then led us to experience the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor-Tarim Basin. After the two pieces of music, Luan Dong, head of the Chinese Music Orchestra took the stage to give everyone a vivid lesson of “Appreciating Chinese Folk Music” and led everyone to know various folk musical instruments, such as the melodious Nanxiao flute and enthusiastic satar which won applause from the audience. Gong Zheng, a young singer sang “Mourn Our Comrades” and “Spring”, which pushed the concert to the climax. Then with the melodious pipa and liuqin, namely, two types of Chinese plucked string instruments, the orchestra once again led everyone to experience the exotic Loulan, a lost ancient city in West China. The concert came to a close with a cheerful melody.

This event of “High Art into Campuses” enabled the teachers and students to appreciate the charm of Chinese folk music and led them to learn a lot about cultural treasures and explore the origin of Chinese folk music, which has enriched the spare time of teachers and students, and promoted campus culture construction.