Academician Fan Daiming Visits AHMU to Talk System Theory and Integrative View of Medicine


On the afternoon of May 7, 2018, Mr. Fan Daiming, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, as a guest of AHMU’s column of “Great Masters on Academic Style”, gave a lecture on “The System Theory and Integrative View of Medicine” to the graduate students. President Cao Yunxia hosted the lecture.

President Cao pointed out that as a scholar of prolific works and remarkable achievement, Academician Fan not only iserudite with abundant clinical experience, but also has forward-looking strategic vision. His humorous lecturing style and vivid illustration have greatly motivated the audience’s interest in integrative medicine. Academician Fan’s lectures are always full of original ideas and thus very inspiring, which could bring about lots of new recognition, thinking and gains. President Cao hoped that the university teachers and students could be inspired by this lecture to learn, to listen and to observe extensively, and that they could learn from Academician Fan and apply the hardworking spirit as well as the inquisitive mind to future study and life. She also encouraged the students to be as observant, adaptable and innovative as Academician Fan.

Academician Fan Daiming started the lecture with the First Health Revolution. He illustrated the importance of an integrative application of knowledge through the sequential analysis of Bacon’s famous saying “Knowledge is power”, Koch's postulates, and Cartesian dualism. By the example of pharmaceutical research, he advocated that medicine should trace back to its basics to form a healthy system of medical research. He emphasized that medical research requires reverse thinking, dialectical thinking and integrative thinking in order to make progress and breakthrough. He adopted plentiful examples to prove that in medical research and practice, a holistic view helps to cure, a developmental view improves accuracy, a medical view guarantees smoothness, and an integrative view generates flexibility. He said, “Only through the integration of data-based and evidence-based facts, recognition-based and consensus-based experience, and technique-based and art-based medical skills, can we find the high road. It is integration that is the most valuable and difficult about medical research, which in turn will most probably lead to success. A good doctor is one who masters the integrative skills, which requires endless learning and practice ranging from science study to system generalization.”

Currently, Mr. Fan Daiming’s duties include the academician and vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, committee chairman of Chinese Society of Gastroenterology, president of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, executive member and secretary-general of Asian-Pacific Society of Gastroenterology (APSGE), and so on. He has, for a long time, been working on the clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases and malignant tumors of digestive system, and conducting basic researches in the concerning fields, within which he has made prominent achievement especially in the study of gastric cancer. He is also devoted to the macro-strategic study of medical development, and is among the first to put forward the theory of integrative medicine and put it into practice.