The University Launches the“Double Training Project” for Young Talents


On the morning of May 3, 2018, the university held the launching ceremony of the “Double Training Project” for young talents. Secretary of CPC Party Committee Li Jun and President Cao Yunxia attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Liu Qunying, deputy secretary ofCPC Party Committee, presided over the meeting.

Li Jun pointed out that the “Double Training Project” for young talents is a powerful measure to strengthen the building of cadres and personnel, and is aguarantee for promoting the construction of a high-level medical university. The relevant work must be promoted in a forceful and orderly manner with high political responsibility and strong professionalism.It is necessary to highlight the key tasks and effectively execute the organization and implementationwork of the Project. Li said, “The first isto improve the ‘internal strength’. With regular training programs, the political theory level, leadership, management and expertise of the young talentsare to be promoted, according to the principle of “Study from what you are doing; make up for what you are lacking”.The second is to enhance the overall capabilities. By serving temporary positions, the reserve talents are supposed to accumulate experiences, improve their overall capacities through the actual management practice. The thirdis to improve the mechanism, implement strict management assessment, strengthen daily follow-up management, improve inspection and assessment methods, and establish dynamic adjustment mechanisms to ensure that all work is truly implemented and effective results are achieved.

Cao Yunxia emphasized that implementing the “Double Training Project” for young talents requires that all reserve talents correctly handle the four kinds of relationships. The first is to handle well the relationship between study and work. We must not only attach importance to theoretical studies, but also strengthen learning from practice.The second is to handle properly the relationship between individuals and groups, to be good at cultivating our own overall awareness, and to integrate personal growth into the overall development of colleges, departments and our university. The third is to deal correctly with the relationship between management and professional work.We must focus on the principalwork, and constantly improve the level of teaching and research, and to be responsible for our jobs. The fourth is to handle wisely the relationship between the short-term and the long-term work, and we must adjust our mentality,constantly raise the benchmark for work, and improve the quality of our work.

The meetingread out the notice of AHMU CPCParty Committee regarding the assigned posts of candidates for the project.

Secretaries of the college party committees, the chiefs ofthe relevant colleges and departments and 23 candidates for the project attended the meeting.