CCTV “Lecture Room” Speaker Talks About China as the Great Nation on the Silk Road


On the afternoon of April 27, 2018, Prof. Qian Bin from Hefei University of Technology (HFUT) delivered a lecture to over 400 students and staff members of Anhui Medical University. The speech entitled “China, the Great Nation on the Silk Road” marked the 50th session of AHMU Medicine and Humanity Lecture Series, which had evolved into a renowned educational project for all-around development of students at AHMU. Prof. Li Jun, secretary of CPC Party Committee of AHMU, hosted the lecture and presented the guest speaker with an honorary certificate.

In his lecture, Prof. Qian elaborated on the Belt and the Road Initiative. In a background introduction to the historical and geological origin of the Belt and the Road, he remarked on the first prosperous era in ancient China and it was ushered in by Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. In Emperor Wu’s time, historical giants such as Zhang Qian, Huo Qubing, and Wei Qing all acted as the trail-blazers for the Silk Road, which had ever since been a commemoration of their great feats. Via the Silk Road which connects Asia and Europe, the profound Chinese culture has been transmitted to countries across Eurasia, applauded by the people of foreign lands, and contributes to human civilization in general. This event marked the historical starting point of the cultural confidence of the Chinese. Prof. Qian celebrated the unprecedented innovation in the Belt and the Road Initiative where China embraces the world, its responsibility as a great nation, and its role in global development. It supports substantial actions for the purpose of a Win-Win Cooperation and common development, activates the potential for development of relevant countries, envisions the dream of regional peace and prosperity, and fosters a community of shared future for mankind.

Prof. Qian’s broad vision, his profound knowledge and academic rigor helped the audience to trace the origin of the Belt and the Road and then look at the prospects of China as a great nation.

Upon listening to Qian’s lecture, Prof. Li Jun referred to the recent Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation on which CPC general secretary Xi Jinping proposed to “jointly build silk road and maritime silk road economic belt, propel international cooperation, and instill vigor and vitality into the ancient Silk Road.”Li spoke highly of Qian’s lecture for its resonation with our state policy and the practical stance toward social reality. This lecture left with us a better understanding of the significance of the innovative Belt and Road Initiative, which will promote global economic growth, the civilization of human beings, and the great revival of Chinese civilization. Prof. Li encouraged the staff and students at AHMU to develop their vision, depth and aspiration for a thorough grasp of the national policy and seize the opportunity it had brought about, so that together we could contribute to our goal of building a top-level medical university.

Prof. Qian Bin received his doctorate degree from University of Science and Technology. He is currently doing research work at Institute of National Conditions of Modern and Early Modern China, HFUT and teaching in the same university. For his outstanding work, Prof. Qian was nominated as an “Anhui Excellent College Teacher for Ideological and Political Theory Courses” last year. He is also by far the only college teacher nationwide who has taught three National Eminent Open Courses. Moreover, he is among the first to have won one of the top honors for social science scholars in China, the Excellent Achievement Award for Scientific Research in Colleges and Universities. The award is granted by National Ministry of Education.

Given his effort in popularizing social science, Prof. Qian is the first Anhui scholar to have been invited over as guest speaker for highly influential CCTV shows such as Lecture Room and Legal Forum. With over 70 research articles published, he has been writing extensively for academic journals such as Contemporary China History Studies. Meanwhile Prof. Qian has also won popularity among the general audience with his book A Reading of Dream Pool Essays, which has been enlisted into “the Reading List of a Hundred Books for the Youth” by the State Administration of Radio, TV and Press and Publication. His another book, Song Ci’s Record for Autopsy, was acclaimed to be one of the Popular Science Books of Anhui, 2017.