Students and Teachers Celebrate Mother’s Day


On May 13, 2018, students of Anhui Medical University celebrated Mother’s Day with activities such as A Photo of Mom and Me, themed class meeting and so on to express their heart-felt love and gratitude to mothers.

On the very day, students from Club of Baicaoyuan, a student society at School of Pharmacology, held an event to honor mothers for their “Selfless love and Timeless Legacy”. This event was held on the cultural plaza on campus, where any student passing by could pick a postcard and write down on it a message or a wish for his or her mother. Some students chose to draw meaningful symbols or beautiful pictures to convey how much they thanked and missed dear mothers. Each carefully picked card with the hand-written greeting expressed the heart-felt love to a mother. This event was highlighted by a display of pictures themed on “Me and Mom in the Olden Days”. Beautiful pictures from students in their younger days with their moms were a happy memory of the good old days. 

On May 7, a heart-warming contest called “A Photo of Mom and Me” was warmly applauded by students from School of Nursing. Participants could submit his or her photo with mom to enter the contest. Each photo told a unique story, be it a happy incident, a touching moment or an unforgettable occasion. In the end 45 photos with titles such as “My Beautiful Mom”, “The Glittering Memory”, “Sisterhoodwith Young Heart” were voted to be the winners, capturing the wonderful love between a mother and son/ daughter. All the winning photos were later made into posters and exhibited on the south campus of AHMU where many students had been attracted.

Furthermore, freshmen from School of Nursing held a themed class meeting “A Grateful Heart” in room 1101 to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 13. With a deep sense of gratitude to one’s mother, young people could better appreciate the value of support and love from others, and hopefully they can grow into industrious, inspired, self-assured and self-disciplined adults. Attendants to this meeting communicated with each other about their daily encounters with kindness, and talked about how grateful they were to life’s blessings. They promised to never take it for granted but to pass on the love they had received. Another agenda of the meeting was to present gifts to the winners of “A Picture of Mom and Me”.

Mother’s Day activities enriched students’ life on campus, provided an opportunity to foster in them a sense of gratitude and responsibility, and moreover improved the rapport among students on campus.