AHMU Molecular Biology & Genetics Enters Global Top 1% of ESI


According to the latest data of Essential Science Indicators (ESI) of Clarivate Analytics released on May 11, 2018, the Molecular Biology & Genetics of Anhui Medical University (AHMU) first entered the global top 1%, becoming the third discipline in AMHU that has entered the global top 1% of ESI after Clinical Medicine and Pharmacology & Toxicology.

ESI Global Top 1% disciplines are generally viewed as international high level disciplines. As a core subject in the field of biomedicine according to the discipline categorization of ESI, Molecular Biology & Genetics of AHMU makes it a landmark by entering the global top 1%. Statistics shows that the citation number per paper of this discipline in AHMU has reached 16.33, indicating a strong influence. This is a breakthrough of the discipline development of AHMU, and also the newest achievement of the university’s first-class discipline construction.

It is known that ESI is a quantitative analysis database based on the literature recorded in the Web of Science (SCI/SSCI). It forms statistics and comparison of all the SCI/SSCI papers and citations from the universities and scientific research institutions worldwide over the past 10 years. Only the disciplines ranking the top 1% by “total citation count” would be qualified to enter the discipline rankings, and the ranking data are updated every 2 months. The number of ESI disciplines is one of the important indexes to evaluate a university’s total competence. The university library has been monitoring the ESI data for a long time, and has predicted that the Molecular Biology & Genetics of AHMU would enter the global top 1% in ESI in the first half of this year.