International Students Visit Anhui Museum of Historical Notables and Study Anhui History and Humanities


On May 20, 2018, just around the 42nd International Museum Day, more than 20 international student representatives of AHMU visited Anhui Museum of Historical Notables in Binhu New District in order to better understand the history and humanities of Anhui.
The international students, guided by the docent, visited all the exhibition halls eagerly to learn about the outstanding figures in the history of Anhui, and the good image of Anhui, a place producing nature’s treasures and outstanding people. Meanwhile, under the guidance of the staff, they experienced the process of type selection, typesetting, ink coating, paper laying, and printing, impressed by the magic and greatness of Chinese traditional typography. Before the huge abacus hung on the wall of the exhibition hall, through the explanations of the docent, the students learned and experienced the magical Chinese bead arithmetic and praised it highly. After visiting all the exhibition halls, the students also carefully watched the videos of the Huangmei Opera and Peking Opera selections. These traditional Chinese historical cultures have left a deep impression on international students.

As an important way for people to understand the history and culture of Anhui, Anhui Museum of Historical Notables integrates the essence of history and culture in Anhui Province. Through the eight exhibition halls, the “Ancient Patriarch of Ancient Civilizations” (Ancient to Pre-Qin Dynasty) and “the Pioneer in the Gallery of Wonderful Arts” (Qing Dynasty - New China) displayed generations of hard-working and intelligent Anhui people. As one of a series of activities for the international students of AHMU, “Studying in China & Studying in Anhui”, this extra-curriculum cultural education event has achieved good expected results.