Virtual Simulation Lab Teaching Project Approved as the Only National Model in Anhui Province


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the approval of the first batch of national Virtual Simulation Lab (VSL)Teaching Projects. AHMU’s VSL project, “Isolation and Identification of Intestinal Pathogenic Bacteria, was approved as a national model, which was also the only nationally-approved one in Anhui Province.
Based on the university’s national VSL Teaching Center of Basic Medicine, the project is developed in cooperation with Shanghai Dream Road Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and is a VSL teaching platform for Etiology. The platform covers not only the reviewing of theoretical knowledge, but also the virtual operation of experiments, including classical experiments and virtual experiment training. Students can operate the classical experiments first, and then complete the virtual experiment training with the knowledge of various subjects. At the same time, the virtual experiment system can be carried out on the Web, which means teachers and students can share teaching resources via the VSL teaching platform easily and quickly by logging in to the center website. Because of its visual operating environment, human-computer interaction can be realized, which is helpful to arouse students' interest and initiative in learning, and to cultivate students from basic knowledge to clinical comprehensive ability.
The university attaches great importance to the construction of VSLteaching project, and will take this opportunity to improve the existingpracticeteaching system, explore the new experimental teaching mode by combining the online and offline teaching, and improve the experimental teaching quality.