Scientific Research Experiment Center Holds the First Training Session about Usage of Public Laboratories


From May 27 to June 14, 2018, Scientific Research Experiment Center held the first training session about usage of public laboratories. Nearly 300 graduate students and teachers signed up for the training.

The training employed a combination of theory explanation and experimental operations to complete the training in four batches. The theory explanation provided a detailed introduction to the laboratory safety, rules and regulations, operation procedures, and precautions of public laboratories. The experimental operations mainly provided live demonstrations of the operation procedures and experimental skills, etc. of routine experimental techniques such as cell culture, immunohistochemistry, and blot hybridization. After the training was over, all the trainees attended an examination. It is required that public laboratories of Scientific Research Experiment Center are only available to the teachers and students who have passed the examination. The application of the examination and approval system enables scientific researchers to use laboratories safely, orderly and efficiently.
Training of experimental skills is an important task that the Scientific Research Experiment Center has carried out on a regular basis. Later, the Center will organize series of training on operation and application of large-scale scientific equipment.