Professors from the University of Murcia, Spain visit AHMU


From June 19 to June 23, 2018, sponsored by the European Union Erasmus (ERASMUS) program, Professor Maria Jose Izquierdo Rico and Professor Francisco Alberto García Vázquez from the University of Murcia, Spain conducted an educational exchange at AHMU. President Cao Yunxia cordially met with two professors, and the two sides discussed the educational program of double-degree graduate exchange between the two universities.

Meanwhile, the two professors visited the First Affiliated Hospital of AHMU, the Reproductive Center, Clinical Laboratory and Embryo Center of the high-tech branch, conducted three academic exchanges, and communicated with the reproductive medicine experts of AHMU on germ cell biology and clinical genetics. Discussions with relevant masters and doctoral students of AHMU were held as well.
It is reported that since the launch of the Erasmus educational exchange program in 2016, 9 teachers from AHMU have received grant from the program and have carried out scientific research cooperation. Up to now, the two sides have cooperated and published two SCI papers.
Professor Wu Qiang, Dean of Foreign Affairs Office and Professor Du Weidong, European Affairs Coordinator, also met with them.