Academician Sun Yinghao’s Workstation Is Founded in AHMU


On the afternoon of July 1, 2018, Prof. Sun Yinghao, an academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering, established his workstation in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University (AHMU). Prof. Cao Yunxia, president of AHMU attended the inauguration ceremony held for Prof. Sun who has been a nationally renowned urologist and president of the Second Military Medical University (SMMU).

Prof. Cao applauded the establishment of the workstation as not only an honor but also a recognition of AHMU and the Second Affiliated Hospital. She said it will provide a platform for the long-term cooperation and exchange between the two sides, and moreover, it will greatly promote the research work, personnel training, and development of the discipline of urology in the Second Affiliated Hospital.
Prof. Sun appreciated the support from AHMU and the Second Affiliated Hospital. He was impressed by the achievements of the Department of Urology at the Second Affiliated Hospital and its leading status in Anhui province and even in East China. He hoped the workstation would bring opportunities for win-win cooperation, communication and learning for urologists from both SMMU’s Affiliated Changhai Hospital and AHMU’s Second Affiliated Hospital. He predicted that the workstation would serve well for research work, personnel training and development of the urology discipline, and looked forward to the success of this partnership.
The ceremony ended with Prof. Sun’s popular lecture for all the ceremony attendees and the participants of Minimal Invasive Urological Surgery Demonstration Meeting held by AHMU’s Second Affiliated Hospital.