Academician Huang Hefeng Talks about Medical Humanities and Innovation


Prof. Huang Hefeng, an academician from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was invited by the column of Scholars on Academics and Atmosphere of University of Anhui Medical University to give a lecture entitled Medical Humanities and Innovation to graduate students on the afternoon of September 20,2018. President Cao Yunxia presided over the lecture.

Starting with medical cases, ancient and modern, as well as the essence of medicine, doctors and hospitals, going on to the development of artificial intelligence,Prof. Huang Hefeng expounded that many clinical problems remained,despite the improvement in efficiency and accuracy of clinical diagnose is under the support of high-end technology. She stressed that continuous technological innovation,more medical engineering cross research, and more medical engineering collaborative innovation were needed to resolve the existing technical difficulties.As scientific researchers, we must pursue original innovation. Only by constantly innovating can we truly solve the problems, and better protect and save life. In the meanwhile, she reminded graduate students to pay attention to the rigor of medical research. Each individual medical paper was of the potential for promoting and influencing clinical diagnosis, and even directly threatened the patient’s life. Therefore, we must adhere to the scientific spirit of being realistic and pragmatic, and conscientiously abide by academic ethics.
Academician Huang Hefeng is a Chair Professor in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a Distinguished Professor in Zhejiang University, the Dean of the International Peace Maternity &Child Health Hospital (IPMCH) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM),the Director of Reproductive Center in IPMCH, and the Director of the Institute of Embryonic Diseases of SJTUSM. She also serves as a chief scientist of the National Major Research Plan, the leader of “the Twelfth Five-year” National Science-technology Support Plan Projects, the head of “863 Project”, the director of major international cooperation projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the director of the key programs of the National Key Research and Development Plan. She has published more than 220 papers in SCIindexed journals such as Nat Med and PNAS.