Three ESI Fields of AHMU Rank Amongthe Global Top 1% in September


Clarivate Analytics recently released its latest issue (Sep. 2018) of ESI statistics, reporting that 5701 research institutions worldwide were listed as the global top 1%, 98 more than the last issue. Anhui Medical University (AHMU) was ranked No. 1463. Moreover,three of our disciplines—clinical medicine, pharmacology and toxicology, molecular biology and genetics— were among the global top 1%.
Among the 242 colleges and universities from mainland China listed as the global top 1%, AHMU was ranked 90th. Compared with the previous issue, the September issueincreasedits selection of research papers from AHMU authors by 216 to6970, total cites increased by 3392 to 65518, and the average cites per paper increased by 0.20 to 9.40.
Thirty-seven research papers from AHMU researchers were selected as high-quality papers, 3 more thanthe last issue. Among them, one research in microbiology was listed as a Hot Paper and at the meantime a Highly Cited Paper in this issue. For the rest, 17 were in clinical medicine, 4 in biology and biochemistry, 3 in molecular biology and genetics, 3 in chemistry, 2 in pharmacology and toxicology, 2 in social science, 1 in each of the following fields: neuroscience and behavioral science, psychiatry and psychology, material science, botany and zoology, and agricultural science.
TheEssential Science Indicatorsdatabase (ESI) is built on the foundation of over 10 million articles in more than 11,000 journals worldwide covered by Web of Science (SCIE/SSCI). It has become an important tool to measure the research level and impact of an institute of higher education, an academic institution, or even a region / country, as it allows long-term quantitative analysis of both the research performance and the science trend. ESI provides a ten-year rolling file in 22 searchable fields of research. The latest issue was released on Sep. 13, covering data in the last 10 and half years, i.e. from Jan. 1, 2008 to Jun. 30, 2018.