Athletes from AHMU Compete at Anhui Provincial Sports Meeting


In the 2018 Anhui Provincial Sports Meeting recently held in Bengbu, with a total score of 160 points, athletes from Anhui Medical University(AHMU) won the second place in the team events of track and field competition of intercollegiate divisions.

In this sports meeting, the pole vaulting team of AHMU still kept their edge. XieCuiyu, JiJie and XuYihang bagged the gold, silver and bronze medalsin women’s pole vaulting. Setting a new record for college students of Anhui, XieCuiyu was proudly awarded the championship. In men’s pole vaulting, team AHMU enjoyed the same success with Chen Luo breaking Anhui Provincial College Students record(male) and crowned as the gold-medalist, his teammates Pan Tianzhong and Wang Yujie coming second and third respectively.

In the meantime, sportsmen from AHMU also performed well in the track events. Athletes rewrote multiple records for AHMU: ZhongJingjing inwomen’s 1500m race; Sun Jiaqing and Xie Yu in men’s 10km race walking; Sun Jinmei, Zhu Rongrong, XieCuiyu and Kai Yi’ao in women’s 4*100m relay; Kai Yi’ao, Chen Shanshan,ZhongJingjing and XieCuiyu in women’s 4*100m relay.
Of all our talented athletes, XieCuiyu, a student from the First Clinical College was undoubtedly the super star, who single-handedly brought back 45.5 points for team AHMU. All together she broke the provincial records for three times, set two new records for AHMU, reaped laurels three times in women’s 200m sprint, women’s pole vaulting and women’s 4*400m relay. The highlight was her excellent performance in the final of the 4*400 meters relay when AMHU lagged behind two teams. At this critical moment Xiesecured the championship for team AHMU by overtaking two strong rivals, athletes who’d won first and third placesinwomen’s 400m sprint.
Making perfection still more perfect, team AHMU was honored with the Sportsmanship Award; XieCuiyu and Kai Yi’ao received the same award in the individual athlete category.