Team AHMU Wins Championship in Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest of Anhui


On December 9, 2018, the closing and award-presenting ceremony of the “ 2018TI Cup” was held at Anhui Normal University, marking the grand finale of the 13th Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest of Anhui. Over 1200 undergraduates in 406 teams participated in the contest. Wang Ru, Zhao Xiaokang and Zhu Jingjing from School of Life Science, AHMU, coached by their teachers Mr. Zhang Shengzhao and XuManjin, won the first prize.

National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest is a disciplinary contestinitiated by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Information Industry. The national event of the contest takes place in odd-numbered years with the provincial event in alternate years.Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest of Anhui is an important event co-directed by Anhui Provincial Department of Education and the Committee for National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest. It aims at developing the innovative and teamwork spirit of college students, their ability of engineering practice, and their electronic design skills targeted at specific problems.
The task for this year’s contest was released online at 7:30 on July 20. Contestants were required to accomplish the task in a short 84-hour span, starting from 8:00 on July 20 to 20:00 on July 23. Their designing had to meet the required performance indicators and had to be concluded in a design report. With such a tight schedule and intensity of competition, students from our School of Life Science rose to the challenge and cooperated as a team. Though battered by the summer heat and deprived of sleep, they were rewarded with the success of a championship.
It’s reported thatsix teams from AHMU entered this contest. Aside fromone first prize, they also brought home three second prizes and one third prize.