Huang Lei, an AHMU Alumnus and the Doctoral StudentStudying in Germany,Has Published High-level Academic Papers Again


A few days ago, Huang Lei, a 2007-batch postgraduate of AHMU, published a paper on academic research as the first author in the authoritative international journal Biomedical Center - Medicine (2018 Impact Factor = 9.1) and International Cancer Journal (2018 Impact Factor = 7.4).
After the publication of the high level papers in the international journal of Gastrointestinal Hepatologyin 2017, Huang Lei once again published academic research papers as the first author. Biomedical Center - Medicine is the flagship medical journal of the Biomedical Center series journals; International Cancer Journal is the official magazine of the International Anti-Cancer Alliance. The series of articles systematically describe the trends and differences in non-surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer patients in Europe and the United States, and the differences and trends in survival and overall survival of patients undergoing surgery, which have important guiding significance for clinical decision-making and policy formulation.
It is reported that Huang Lei is benefited from the cooperation master's training program between Anhui Medical University and the University of Heidelberg in Germany. In 2015, he obtained a master's degree in translational medicine. In early November this year, he successfully completed his doctoral thesis at the German Cancer Research Center and obtained an excellent score. Currently, he is engaged in clinical oncology epidemiology research at the German Cancer Research Center. Huang Lei was also invited to serve as the academic editor of the SCI(E) journals such as World Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology, Medicine and Translational Cancer Research, and served as a reviewer for nearly 40 SCI(E) journals; he was named the 2017 Best Reviewer of the Internal Medicine Yearbook, the top journal of internal medicine. Huang Lei won the Merit Award for Young Scholars at the European Medical Oncology Society in 2018. The academic achievements of our doctoral students in Germany have fully demonstrated the promising prospects of AHMU's extensive international cooperation and exchange activities.
Attached papers title:
1.Stratified survival of resected and overall pancreatic cancer patients in Europe and the USA in the early twenty-first century: a large, international population-based study;
2.Nonsurgical therapies for resected and unresected pancreatic cancer in Europe and USA in 2003-2014: a large international population-based study.