An Overseas Student in Australia from Anhui Medical University Won the National Outstanding Self-funded Student Scholarship for Overseas Students


According to the latest results announced by the China Scholarship Council, Ye Yuanzi, an overseas student selected by Anhui Medical University in 2014 to study in the Mencius Institute of the University of Tasmania, Australia, won “Special Excellence Award” of the “National Outstanding Self-funded Student Scholarship” in 2018. Up to now, seven overseas students from Anhui Medical University have won the National Outstanding Self-funded Student Scholarship.
It is reported that in order to reward self-funded overseas students with excellent academic performance and good morality for their outstanding academic achievements, and to encourage these students to return back and serve the country in various forms, the China Scholarship Council has established “National Outstanding Self-funded International Students Scholarships” with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Scholarships are evaluated once a year. The recipients of the year 2018 award are self-funded overseas students with a valid passport of the People's Republic of China, who are under 40 years old (including those with excellent academic and moral qualities) and who have been studying for a doctoral degree abroad for more than one year (excluding one year).  After the final review by domestic experts and approval after reporting to the Ministry of Education, the “National Excellent Self-funded International Student Scholarship” in 2018 identified 500 winners, including 10 “Special Excellence Award”.