United Efforts and Undefeatable Perseverance—The Annual Conference on Science and Technology


The 2018 Annual Conference on Science and Technology of AHMU and Mobilization Meeting for 2019 National Projects was held on the afternoon of January 17,2019. Li Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of AHMU delivered an opening speech. Cao Yunxia, President of the university gave a keynote speech entitled “Working for Our Bright Future of Science and Technology with United Efforts and Undefeatable Perseverance”. University leaders who attended the conference were Liu Qunying, Chang Yejun, Yu Yongqiang and Xiao Shenglong. Yu Yongqiang, Vice President of AHMU hosted the conference, announced the commendations and made a summary.

The scientific and technological performance of our university in 2018 was summarized and praised at the conference from 5 aspects, which were research projects, achievements, platforms, academic exchange and cooperation, and management system. It was pointed out that 93 NSFC projects were set up with our active efforts. Great progress was made on the scientific and technological achievements and awards. The construction of the platforms was entirely strengthened, one more provincial key lab rated and hopefully potential as the first key lab in the health industry in our province. New policies on research fund management were introduced to perfect the management system of science and technology. Academic exchange and cooperation was booming with prosperity.

“The Most Influential Articles of AHMU in 2018”and “New Stars of Science and Technology of AHMU in 2018” were announced and awarded at the meeting. Du Jian, Zhu Youming and Fang Haoshu, as the representatives of the winners, gave talks on academic atmosphere.
Professor Tang Chaoshu from the Health Science Center of Peking University and Professor Zhang Jicong from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics were invited and gave lectures at the conference.