AHMU Makes a Breakthrough in the Field of Tumor Epigenetics


Two research papers from Genetics Department, School of Life Sciences, AHMU (Anhui Medical University) — The M6A Methyltransferase METTL3 Promotes Bladder Cancer Progression via AFF4/NF-kB/MYC Signaling Net work, and Low Doses of Deciatabine Improve the Chemotherapy Efficacy against Basal-like Bladder Cancer by Targeting Cancer Stem Cells — were published in succession in Oncogene on January 18 and March 27, 2019. These two studies made an analysis and discussion of the occurrence and development of bladder cancer and the new possibilities of chemotherapy from the perspective of epigenetic regulation.
Oncogene, a journal of Nature Publishing Group, is a well-known international journal of oncology, as well as a 1st zone journal of medicine of JCR. The averaged impact factor is 7.44 over the past three years. Both of the two studies were carried out by Li Yang, associate professor of Genetics Department, and his research team, and AHMU was as the main affiliation. Li Yang’s research team has been engaged in epigenetic regulation of bladder cancer for many years,and has already published a number of academic papers in high-level research journals.