The Research Team of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of AHMU Reveals the Origins of Synovial Macrophages


Recently, associate professor Tu Jiajie and Dr. Hong Wenming of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of AHMU, as the co-first authors, published a paper entitled Ontogeny of Synovial Macrophages and the Roles of Synovial Macrophages from Different Origins in Arthritis online in Frontiers in Immunology. Professor Wei Wei is the corresponding author of the paper. 
This study first discovered and confirmed the presence of embryonic synovial macrophages in synovial membranes. Synovial macrophages from different origins (embryo and bone marrow) may play different roles in the pathological changes of rheumatoid arthritis, which provides an important basis for the study of the new pathological mechanism of arthritis development, the discovery of new therapeutic targets and the development of new therapeutic drugs. The core content of this study was commented as research highlight by the internationally renowned academic journal Nature Reviews Rheumatology on June 24, 2019 entitled Origins of synovial macrophages revealed, which is believed to reveal the origins of synovial macrophages and to provide new perspectives for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with macrophages as targets.