Five Undergraduates Participate in Sino-Japanese Activities of Friendly Exchanges


From November 23 to 30, 2019, Anhui Provincial delegation, made up of 47 teachers and students from seven universities in Anhui Province, involving AHMU (Anhui Medical University), USTC (University of Science and Technology of China), and AAU (Anhui Agricultural University), went to Tokyo, Kochi and other cities in Japan to participate in Sino-Japan Joint International Undertaking for Afforestation. Five undergraduates of AHMU, including Wang Jun from Grade 2016, were fortunate to take part in it.

When they were in Japan, the delegation carried out a diversity of exchange activities on the theme of “environmental protection, and disaster prevention and mitigation”. Members from the delegation had a lively exchange with Japanese undergraduates from such famous universities as Kochi University. They listened to lectures on global warming, earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation, investigated local waste disposal measures and emergency plans for earthquake relief, visited Kochi botanical gardens, and planted trees there together.
An exchange meeting, involving 500 Chinese and Japanese undergraduates, was held in Tokyo. The Acting President of the Sino-Japan Friendship Guild, the Former Japan’s Ambassador to China, Mr. Miyamoto Yuji, the minister-counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Japan, Mr. Yang Yu, and the Secretary-General of the Sino-Japan Friendship Association, Mr. Yuan Mindao, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. At the end, the representatives made a declaration of Peace and Friendship between Chinese and Japanese Undergraduates.
The activity was initiated by Japanese Foreign Ministry and the Sino-Japan Friendship Guild, and arranged by Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and the Provincial Education Department. Sino-Japan Joint International Undertaking for Afforestation was implemented by Japanese Foreign Ministry, aiming at inspiring adolescents’ environmental awareness,  promoting the understanding towards Japan, and improving Sino-Japan relations