Five Disciplines from AHMU Are Identified as First Batch of “National-First-Rate” Undergraduate Disciplines


According to the Announcement on Constructing the 2019 Annual “National-First-Rate” and “Provincial-First-Rate” Undergraduate Disciplines, newly-released by the Ministry of Education, 5 disciplines from Anhui Medical University (AHMU) were identified as the first batch of “National-First-Rate” undergraduate disciplines, along with 7 other disciplines identified as “Provincial-First-Rate”, marking our achievement in strengthening the disciplines.

The 5 “National-First-Rate” undergraduate disciplines are Clinical Medicine, Clinical Pharmacy, Preventive Medicine, Biotechnology and Nursing. The 7 “Provincial-First-Rate” ones are Medical Imaging, Maternal & Child Health, Pharmacy, Public Service Administration, Stomatology, Biomedical Engineering and Medical Laboratory Technology.
The Higher-Education Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education evaluated, voted and finally identified the disciplines after the departments in charge had reviewed the declared disciplines submitted by the universities and colleges. The first batch includes 4,054 “National-First-Rate” undergraduate disciplines and 6,210 “Provincial-First-Rate” ones.