The Research Team in Reproductive Medicine of AHMU Publishes an Original Article on an Influential Journal


On November 12, 2019, Prof. Cao Yunxia and her research team from the Center of Reproductive Medicine, The First Affiliated Hospital of AHMU published their original findings on an influential academic journal Journal of Pineal Research (IF=15.22). Their article “Melatonin promotes the development of immature oocytes from the COH cycle into healthy offspring by protecting mitochondrial function” investigated the regulation of melatonin on in vitro development of oocyte retrieved from the controlled ovarian hyperstimulation. Their innovative work in the modelling of oocyte in vitro maturation(IVM) will have significant implication for further increasing IVM efficiency.

Being one of the important research projects led by Prof. Cao, this study made a breakthrough in the ART technology system and provided the technical and theoretic insight for the re-utilization of immature oocyte.
The article is now to be retrieved at