Expert from AHMU publishes a research paper in an international journal to help diagnose COVID-19


On April 25, 2020, Wu Xingwang, Secretary-General of the Association of Intellectuals of the University and Deputy Director of the Radiology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital, the co-first author, and Zhang Kang of Macau University of Science and Technology, the corresponding author, published online research paper titled Clinical Application of Computerized Tomography-based Artificial Intelligence System in Accurate Diagnosis and Prognosis Quantitative Monitoring of New Coronavirus Pneumonia in the international authoritative journal Cell ( IF=36.216).

The study used a large computerized tomography (CT) database from 4154 patients to develop an artificial intelligence system that can diagnose new coronavirus pneumonia and distinguish it from other common pneumonia and normal patients. The system can help radiologists perform rapid diagnosis, realize the full life cycle management of patients with new coronary pneumonia, and has great clinical significance in identifying potential patients with severe new coronary pneumonia in advance and reducing mortality.

It is understood that the medical imaging discipline team of the First Affiliated Hospital of AHMU actively cooperated with relevant scientific research units inside and outside Anhui Province at the beginning of the epidemic, and initiated urgent scientific research on the value of CT imaging combined with AI in the early screening of NCP and clinical outcome prediction in Anhui Province. Key research projects have made important contributions to epidemic prevention and control and scientific research.