Two AHMU Students Are Awarded Stars of Self-improvement of Chinese College Students


Recently, the list of the Stars of Self-improvement of Chinese College Students in 2019 was released. This activity was guided by the Communist Youth League of China and All-China Student’s Union, and conducted by China Youth Daily and New Oriental Education & Technology Group. Two students from AHMU, Cao Fan and Shao Meng won this title. Cao Fan is currently an undergraduate from the Second Clinical Medical School, who majors in clinical medicine and Shao Meng is a graduate from School of Biomedical Engineering, who majors in Biomedical Engineering.
Cao Fan published 6 SCI papers during his study at AHMU, and he was the first author (co-first author) of 3 of them, and the impact factor of his paper reached 7.716. During his participation in the “Popularization Science Innovation Contest between 2017 and 2019, he has achieved outstanding outputs, including the third prize at the university level, and the first prize and the third prize at the provincial level. He won the third prize of the Fourth College Students “Internet plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held by our university, and initiated a provincial innovation and entrepreneurship project for college students. In addition, he was awarded “Guoyuan Securities Scholarship and Stipend” and “Zhang Xiqi Scholarship”, and won the title of “Excellent Students” of AHMU for two consecutive years.
Shao Meng was awarded the “National Scholarship”, “Top Ten New Academic Stars”, “College Graduates with All-Round Development” and “Excellent Graduates” during his study at AHMU. The project named “High Contrast Portable Microscope”,  which was presided over by him won the third prize in the 5th National Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Innovation Design Competition, and the project “Multi-mode Automatic Portable Microscope” presided over by him won the second prize in the 9th “Challenge Cup” College Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition in 2020. In addition, he won 10 awards in the school sports meeting and won the title of “Excellent Athlete”.