One Teacher in Our University is Elected as a Young Editor of the International Journal Military Medical Research


Recently, Wang Xianwen, a young teacher fromSchool of Biomedical Engineering of our university, is elected as a young editor of the international medical journal Military Medical Research (MMR) in the year 2021.
Wang Xianwen has long been engaged in the construction of carries of nano-drugs and the researches on them in the field of tumor treatment (includingsonodynamic therapy, radiotherapy, phototherapy, chemodynamic therapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy, etc.), antibacterial, as well as inflammation. So far, nearly 40 of his SCI academic papers have been published in various international high-level journals in the field of chemistry, materials, and biomedicine. Among them, he was the first/corresponding authorin more than 20 SCI papers, andtwelve of the papers have an impact factor over 10. The total number of citations of his papers exceeds 1,200 and four papers are highly cited.
It is reported that MMR accepts articles covering the fields of trauma and war surgery, disaster medicine, emergency medicine and intensive care as well as infectious diseases, including CBRN (chemical, biological, radio-logical, nuclear) medical countermeasures, mass casualty preparation and response, environmental medicine, aerospace and marine medicine, military training medicine and health services, etc.
Link of the journal MMR: