Second Affiliated Hospital Is Honored with the Title of “The Most Beautiful Hospital in China”


On May 18, 2018, on the eve of the 19th CHCC (Chinese Hospital Construction Conference), the ceremony of the Chinese Hospital Construction Award, the highest honor in the field of Chinese hospital construction, was held at Wuhan International Expo Center. Twelve awards were given at the ceremony. The Second AffiliatedHospital of Anhui Medical University won the 2018 Chinese Hospital Construction Award, and was enlisted in the first batch of “the Most Beautiful Hospital in China—the Star of the Age”. 
It was reported that the award ceremony was jointly sponsored by the committee of the 19th CHCC, Health News, Chinese Medical Equipment, and Zhuyitai (a national leading knowledge-sharing platform in the field of hospital construction), with the tenet of responsibility, respect, value and guidance. A panel of 315 judgesfrom across the nation were invited to make an assessment online, offline and on-site. All the panel members were experts from the health administration departments, the field of hospital infrastructure construction management, and institutes of architectural design and research.
In the first and second phase of construction, the Second Affiliated Hospital introduced the up-to-date design and construction concept of hospitals with international standards.The new hospital created a safe and pleasant medical environmentby means of scientific and rationalized spatial layout, specific and clear functional division, and humanized design, reaching the goal of high integration of architecture and environment. Both the general layout and the individual details of the hospital buildings highlighted the design principles, namely, safety and reliability, rationalized technology, resources sharing, humanized design, and sustainable development.
In early 2018, the hospital leaders attached great importance to the 2018 Chinese Hospital Construction Award and decided to apply for it. The architectural design and layout as well as features of the hospital buildings were introduced to the judge panel in ten dimensions: design concept, overall planning, facade design, safety, convenience, spatial experience, detail design, landscape design, ecological sustainability, and creativity, winning a unanimous praise from the judges.