AHMU Organizes Demonstration Lectures and Open Classes of Undergraduate Teaching


On the morning of October 18, 2018, demonstration lectures and open classes of undergraduate teaching of this semester started at Anhui Medical University (AHMU).
Lu Yongjun, Associate Professor of School of Humanistic Medicine,had an open class on tennis to undergraduates of Grade 2017 about forehand moving at the neton the tennis court. His teaching plan was well prepared. In the class, the discipline was good, and the teacher was very dedicated. With clear explanation and demonstration, as well as active interaction with students based upon the course features, Pro. Lu gave us a remarkable PE class.

Jiang Chongying, Associate Chief Physician of School of Stomatology, had an open class on Oral Mucosal Patches Stria Disease to undergraduates of Stomatology of Grade 2016. With profound theoretical foundation and clinical experience, she had a logically clear teaching plan.By means of Multi-media teaching, explanation was clear and key points were highlighted with a wealth of pictures, which demonstratedthe teacher’s excellent teaching skills.

The university started to hold demonstration lectures and open classes of undergraduate teaching from this semester, for the purpose of giving full play to the leading and exemplary role of outstanding teachers, advancing in-classteaching reform, promoting mutual exchanges and learning among teachers, and enhancing the overall teaching level of the teachers, especially the young ones,in our university. There were totally 20 demonstration lectures and open classes.
More than 20 persons were present to watch, including teaching experts from the Steering Group and young teachers.