TheResearch Group of Biomimetic Mineralization of Dental Tissuesin the School of Stomatology Has Made New Progress in Scientific Research


Recently,under the guidance of Professor Li Quanliand Associate Professor Cao Ying of the School of Stomatology, the research group of biomimetic mineralization of dental tissues has made significant progress in the dopamine acrylamide for promoting collagenbiomimetic mineralization.

The first author 2020 PhD student WuLeping, and the corresponding author Professor Li Quanlihave made a research achievement A Dopamine Acrylamide Molecule for Promoting Collagen Biomimetic Mineralization and Regulating Crystal Growth Directionthatwas published on August 16 in the internationally recognized journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces ( IF=9.229, JCR Q1, District 1 of Chinese Academy of Sciences).
This research uses N-2-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)acrylamide(DAA) molecules with dual functions of cross-bonding and mineralization to construct a new type of biomimetic mineralization model, which accelerates the mineralization speed of collagen fibers and shortens the mineralization cycle; It realizes the mineralization within the collagen fibers and adjusts the orientation of mineralized hydroxyapatite crystals outside collagen fibers, successfully replicating the nanoscale structure of biomineralized collagen. Not only does the study provide a preliminary basis for the construction of multi-level ordered bone-like structural materials in vitro, but also provides a new strategy of collagen mineralizationfor the preparation and making of tissue engineering mineralized scaffold materials or the development of bone-like materials.
Focusing on the construction of biomimetic mineralization technology that is compatible with clinical applications, the research group has recently published seven articles in Dental Materials(IF=5.304, District 1 of Chinese Academy of Sciences), International Journal of Biological Macromolecules(IF=6.953,JCR Q1) , Materials & Design (IF=7.991, JCR Q1, District 1 of Chinese Academy of Sciences) and other journals.
In addition, Dr. ZhengShunli, the core of the group, has received funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China this year ( Study on the Inhibition of Dental Plaque Biofilm Formation by Constructing the Lotus-Like Self-Cleaning Tooth Surface, project number 82101070). This research is another breakthrough for the research group in the study of biologicaldecontamination and anti-bacterial adhesion, providing a new strategy and opening up a new way for the prevention of dental plaque-related diseases and the research and development of new oral materials.
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