MV of AHMU Anthem Officially Released


The music video of the anthem of AHMU was officially released just before the 72nd anniversary of the university’s movement into Anhui Province.

With a “double-line” narrative structure, the MV applied the techniques of color modulating and editing in film making through the change in images of cultural sculptures to present the spirit of “AHMUers” to stay true to the original aspiration and pass down the flame generation after generation, which is to have cultivated tens of thousands of high-level medical talents for the nation and the society, who possess a sense of responsibility, masterly medical skills, dedication to the country, and a compassionate heart to heal the world. It is a work that has condensed the spirit of AHMU culture and united the visions of the teachers, students and alumni to love as well as bring glory and prosperity to AHMU.

A call for the composition of anthem for AHMU was announced on December 29, 2009, which caused extensive influence both in and out of the university. People from all walks of life contributed with great enthusiasm. Among more than 160 contributions that had been collected, the lyric of the anthem had been through many revisions from the experts and the university faculties and students, and finally came into being at the beginning of 2015, which pulled together the wisdom of all involved participants. A famous composer, Mr. Shu Nan, who’s also council member of Beijing Film Specialist Association, member of China Film Association, composed music for the anthem. After more than six years’ revising and improvement, the anthem was officially released at the beginning of 2016, and was widely sung till today from then on. It has become an “assembly trumpet” surging in the hearts of “AHMUers” generation after generation.