Professor Yu Yongqiang takes the lead of a major project of “Brain Science and Brain-like Intelligence Technology” under Science and Technology Innovation 2030


Recently, the second batch of the major projects of “Brain science and brain-like intelligence technology” (2021) under Science and Technology Innovation 2030 were released. The research project of “Mesoscopic Stereotaxic 3D Whole-brain Atlas of Mammals” (No. : 2022ZD0205200), with Professor Yu Yongqiang taking the lead and Professor Zhou Jiangning and others participating, was officially approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, with a funding of 45 million yuan and the project implementation period of 5 years. Anhui Medical University takes the lead of the project, and the four sub-project units include Anhui Medical University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Southeast University.

Based on the major project guidelines of Science and Technology Innovation 2030-“Brain Science and Brain-like Intelligence Technology”, the project plans to draw a stereotaxic cellular level resolution 3D whole-brain atlas of mice, tree shrews and macaques, which will be used as the standardized whole-brain templates for the matching, comparison and analysis of Mesoscopic whole-brain  neural connectivity data. 

Science and Technology Innovation 2030 is a major science and technology project that reveals the national strategies. “Brain Science and Brain-like Intelligence Technology”, as one of the pilot projects launched, takes explaining neural basis of human cognition (understanding the brain) as the main body and core (“one body”), revealing the “two wings” (protecting and simulating the brain) which aims to have a deeper understanding of the working mechanism of the brain and promote the development of related research fields.

This project is currently the most funded scientific research project in Anhui Medical University, which is attributed greatly to the fact that great importance has been attached to talent introduction and basic scientific research. In recent years, great efforts have been made to achieve a series of high-quality scientific research achievements, aiming at the scientific frontiers and major national needs. High-level talents such as Professor Zhou Jiangning’s team have been recruited, the Brain Science Research Institute has been established, and an interdisciplinary cooperation team has been set up to carry out scientific research.