Prof. Wang Xianwen with His Team Publishes the Research Progress of Sonodynamic Therapy for Brain Glioblastoma


Recently, the team of Prof. Wang Xianwen from the School of Biomedical Engineering of our university published a review article entitled Nanosensitizers for sonodynamic therapy for glioblastoma multiforme: current progress and future perspectives on the journal Military Medical Research (IF =34.915). Guo Qinglong, doctoral candidate of our university, and Dai Xingliang, associate professor of neurosurgery department at the First Affiliated Hospital of AHMU, are the first authors. Prof. Wang Xianwen from our university, Prof. Cheng Hongwei from Neurosurgery Department at the First Affiliated Hospital of AHMU, and Prof. Zhu Daoming from Southern Medical University are the corresponding authors. Anhui Medical University is the institution of the first authors.

This review introduces the status quo of glioma treatment, the strategy of penetrating the blood-brain barrier, and the molecular mechanism of sonodynamic therapy for glioma, focusing on the multifunctional nanomaterial drug delivery system which combines the targeting effect, ability to penetrate blood-brain barrier and image formation function, as well as on the application of the combined therapy based on sonodynamics, providing an important foundation and reference for the follow-up researches on sonodynamic therapy of glioblastoma.

The research was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other projects.

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