International Students of AHMU Win the First Prize in the Provincial Competition of the Chinese Classics Reciting, Writing and Speaking Contest


Recently, the results of the 4th Chinese Classics Reciting, Writing and Speaking Contest in Anhui Province were announced. The three works submitted by School of International Education of our university won the top three in the international student group of the provincial competition and successfully entered the national competition. Among them, the work “Beautiful China in Poetry” won the first prize, and the works “From ‘In Memory of Norman Bethune’ to ‘Heroes in Harm’s Way’” and “Lighting Life with Life” won the second prize.

By reciting classical Chinese poems that describe the scenery of different places, the first prize work “Beautiful China in Poetry” allows students and audiences to experience the different charms of the splendid rivers and mountains in the poems, which are either majestic or exquisite. This work integrates natural ecology, prosperous development, and subtle romance, showing the colorful and beautiful China.

The second prize work “From ‘In Memory of Norman Bethune’ to ‘Heroes in Harm’s Way’” allows students to learn from the “Bethune Spirit” what is nobility, purity, and boundless love, and feel bravery, responsibility, and fearlessness from the anti-epidemic workers who are called as the heroes in harm’s way. It also enables students to make it their mission to relieve human suffering and become the messenger of multi-cultural communication. “Lighting Life with Life” expresses the views and praises of the sacred mission of doctors in poetic language, and is moved by the sincere and selfless dedication of the guardians of life and health.

The 4th Chinese Classics Reciting, Writing and Speaking Contest is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission, aiming to implement the Opinions on Implementing the Project of Inheriting and Developing Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council. It is also to implement the spirit of the National Language Work Conference and the Chinese classics reading project. At present, the works submitted by the provinces that have entered the national competition are under review, and the finalists are expected to be announced in October.