AHMU International Students Participate in “WanMei Tea Village” Event


On May 8th, some international students from School of International Education of AHMU were invited by Anhui Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Lu’an Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism to participate in the “WanMei Tea Village” event together with international students from Anhui Agricultural University and Hefei University of Technology.

 At the opening ceremony, the international students not only enjoyed wonderful singing, dancing, and poetry recitals up close, but also learned about the production techniques of Lu’an Guapian tea, an intangible cultural heritage, through videos. During the tea and tourism integration observation activity, the international students visited the Lu’an Guapian Experience Center in Dushan Town, Yu’an District, Lu’an City, where they personally experienced the charm of tea production techniques and tasted the fragrance of Lu’an Guapian. Shang nana, a Jamaican student, said, “I am particularly interested in Chinese tea culture, so I participated in this event. Through on-site learning and hands-on production and tasting, I have a better understanding and love for Anhui’s tea culture. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in such activities again in the future, and I also hope that more international friends can get closer to and learn about Chinese tea culture.”

 School of International Education organizes diverse cultural experience activities for international students every year to enhance their understanding and recognition of Chinese culture and Anhui culture, and to promote the outstanding traditional Chinese culture and the Anhui image that encompasses multiple dimensions such as “prosperity, civilization, technology, and security” to go global.